Nationally important archaeology: Historic Parks and Gardens

Pythouse Park The AONB is associated with large historic parks and gardens which are of national importance

Since the 1980s, there has been a Register of Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England. This was established, and is maintained by, English Heritage. Inclusion of an historic park or garden on the Register in itself brings no additional statutory controls. Local Authorities are required to make provision for the protection of the historic environment in their policies. Registration is also a material consideration in planning terms.

The criteria for inclusion on the register are based on the assumption that the older the surviving features of a site, the rarer that type of site is likely to be, although added to this premise are other factors for consideration, such as association with significant persons or historical events.

There are 16 Registered Parks and Gardens in the AONB. These are all associated with a large country house and estate but range in date and style from 18th century English landscaped parks, to 19th century pleasure grounds and 20th century arts and crafts gardens. They also range in scale from large areas of parkland to smaller intimate gardens. Several are open to the public and provide major tourist attractions in the area.

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This document forms part of the wider AONB Historic Environment Action Plans.