Archaeological Societies and Groups

Community archaeology project, Damerham 2009 'Amateur' Societies and Groups play an important role in the ongoing research of the archaeology and heritage of the AONB. These range from active field clubs linked to county societies to local societies and groups based within parishes and museums. These are only 'amateur' in the sense that there members are unpaid and do not necessarily have professional archaeological qualifications. They are however professional in the quality of the fieldwork and research they undertake, and often act of 'local' repositories of detailed knowledge, and expertise.

Currently active societies include:

There are many other societies active in historical and genealogical research whose activities may also overlap with the field of archaeology and the management of the historic environment such as the county based Family History Societies.

Within the AONB there are many societies and groups ranging from village historical societies to Women's Institutes groups, with an active interest in the archaeology and history of the area. Many of these host guest speakers and go on fieldtrips but do not currently engage in fieldwork or research as a group, although of course individual members may be undertaking research.

Many of these groups also run or have been central in instigating local archives of photographs, documents and research into the history of the area.

These include:

Some societies are active in the management of archaeological features including the Fovant Badges Association [last accessed December 2009]

Download a short introduction to the history of archaeological discovery in the AONB (PDF 851 KB).

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