GIS datasets

Example dataset created by the AONB The process of creating the AONB wide Historic Landscape Characterisation and Historic Environment Action Plans has created a wealth of new map based information on the history and archaeology of the AONB.

These map layers can be used in a Geographical Information System such as MapInfo and ArcMap to explore the historic environment of the AONB or as a basis for further research and are available by contacting the AONB Office.

The datasets available include:

  • The Dorset Cursus and the prehistoric sites surrounding it
  • Late Iron Age Tribal Areas
  • Approximate position of the Roman and Post Roman Civitas
  • Sphere of 6th Century AD Saxon influence
  • Location of Medieval Orders in the AONB
  • Ancient Medieval County Boundaries
  • Ancient Medieval Hundred Boundaries
  • Ancient Medieval Parish Boundaries
  • Boundary 'Gates' on the Ancient County Boundaries
  • Medieval Chases and Forests in the Vicinity of the AONB
  • Inner and Outer Bounds of the Cranborne Chase
  • Walks in the Inner Bounds of the Cranborne Chase
  • Pre Reformation Land Holdings
  • Post Reformation Land Holdings
  • Water Mills in the AONB
  • Quarries in the AONB
  • Industrial Sites in the AONB
  • Water Meadows in the AONB
  • Droveways in the AONB
  • Railways in the AONB
  • Historic railway stations in the AONB
  • Milestones in the AONB
  • Pilot Historic Routeway Characterisation
  • Historic Context and History of the B3081
  • Full AONB wide Historic Landscape Characterisation dataset,includes information on Enclosed Land, Open Land, Common Land, Historic Parks and Gardens
  • Historic Character Areas (part of the AONB Historic Environment Action Plans