Introducing Historic Landscape Themes

East Knoyle Windmill The Theme Statements summarise the key characteristics of historic environment themes, and identify proactive actions to conserve and enhance its characteristics

The Historic Landscape Character Themes are designed to be used alongside the Historic Landscape Character Areas descriptions.

An outline of the main characteristics of each Historic Landscape Theme in the AONB can be explored in the key themes section of the website. These can be navigated to from the left column of the table

Alternatively the full Historic Landscape Character Theme documents can be downloaded as .pdfs from the right column

Historic Environment Action Plans: Theme Statements
Theme Full Theme Documents
Ancient Boundaries & Land Ownership

Download Theme 01 Ancient boundaries and Land Ownership (PDF 2.1MB)

Farms & Farming

Download Theme 02 Farms and Farming (PDF 1.7MB)

Fields in the Landscape

Download Theme 03 Fields in the Landscape (PDF 1.6MB)

Historic Parks and Gardens

Download Theme 04 Historic Parks and Gardens (PDF 1.7MB)

Hunting Landscapes

Download Theme 05 Hunting Landscapes (PDF 3.8MB)


Download Theme 06 Industry in the Landscape (PDF 1.3MB)


Download Theme 07 Landscapes of Miltarism, Commemoration & Defence (PDF 1.3MB)


Download Theme 08 Landscapes of Prehistory (PDF 1.8MB)

Open Land

Download Theme 09 Open Land (PDF 1.5MB)


Download Theme 10 Routeways in the Landscape (PDF 2.4MB)


Download Theme 11 Settlement in the Landscape (PDF 2.9MB)


Download Theme 12 Water in the Landscape (PDF 1.7MB)


Download Theme 13 Woodland and Trees in the Landscape (PDF 1.8 MB)

Locally Valued Features

Theme 14 Historic Features of Interest in the Landscape(PDF 3.2 MB)