Creating Historic Routeway Characterisations

Historic Routeways Characterisation The AONB has built on previous studies to develop a method derived from historic landscape characterisation which allow a network of routeways to be rapidly characterised and which also allow the rapid creation of a framework of historic and landscape understanding.

Any historic characterisation of routeways must therefore encompass the dual themes of present day historic landscape character and chronology or time depth.

This pilot study can be downloaded as a pdf

B3081 Historic Landscape Appraisal

This new study aims to demonstrate how the AONB wide Historic Landscape Characterisation and Historic Environment Action Plans can be used to provide a deeper understanding of the archaeological and historical aspects of rural roads across the landscape of the AONB. A compressed version of this study can be accessed by clicking here. Alternatively contact the AONB office for a high resolution version of this report